Tuesday, October 24, 2006


some pics of our rabbit,max. i bought him for ruths b-day, now the house smells of rabbit piss...great!!!scans arnt that clear cus the scanner doesnt pick up most pencil marks!


im doing a bowling game at work at the mo, and had to watch the big lebowski! so did these, they dont really look like them and arnt very good caricatures(cus im not very good at that!) but just wanted to get some basic characters from the film, got the idea about drawing characters from film from a steven silver pic look here...which is awesome!

life drawing

started back at life drawing every monday night, not sure i'll post more up cus it was a major pain in the hole to scan these in! its my first for 3 or 4 years i think, and you feel really rusty when you start back! also its just one pose per session which sucks a bit but still fun tho!


howdy, finally got round to doin this blog thing!

im really not sure how often i will update but NOT due to lack of time just pure laziness! so please have a look about and comment!

im gona keep adding links aswell, checkout ruths new website! and also checkout story bredom and steve silver, some great art in there! and also i have found the character blog amazing! if you ever want inspiration look at a few of these artists!!!...and for all you computer games geeks out there i found eurogamer quite good at upto date reports!

chow for now