Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Random army guy

This isnt really sticking to my new blog mission, meh, i did it a few weeks ago and spent way longer on it than i should have. I think i have been doing illustrator and pixel work for too long, getting back into digital painting has been a struggle but i enjoyed it tho!
it started of as a drawing in painter, but as soon as i added the sepia tone i wanted to make it like an old photo, so brought it into to good ol photoshop!

word of the week " CANNED"

To get my word of the week i go to Illustration Friday, here, which puts up a new word every friday. Some are better than others, and i try and draw the first thing that comes to mind...i have no idea where the submarine came from, but its a new post i suppose!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Starting a fresh!!!

Thats right folks, Boyd's blog is back! i can not believe its coming up for 2 years since i last posted, prob no one ever looks at the blog any more, but fear not!

mr burt is dead right, quick sketches and drawings are the way to go, so from now on i will try...there is not try, only do!...i WILL produce a drawing a week, dosnt sound like much but i tried a drawing a day and it lasted...a day! so i will pick a word a week and draw something for it!!