Tuesday, September 09, 2008

word of the week "knight"

found this one a bit tough for some reason, so here are a few sketches i did. I do like the idea of a Mechanical Knight that has past its best before date and is left to rust away in a thorn field. If i have time this week i might try and texture this up so its obvious its rusting away.
I did play with the idea of armour based on animals like the rhino armour and shark armour, but didn't take it vary far.

Monday, September 01, 2008

word of the week "BIKER"

Grim Biker.

bit cheesy and cliched this week, i really wanted to draw a skull with a tash...so i did. I'm not so keen on the full figure, needs a better pose and i like the sketch better than the coloured version. I enjoyed trying to make a logo for him though. I also did start to draw him on a bike, but it was going take way too long.